Regal Trampoline
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Health Benefits
We have heard it so many times: "This trampoline was the single best thing we ever bought for our family." The coordination, balance, and spatial awareness that develop from the use of a trampoline cannot be measured. These skills cross over into any activity you or your family will undertake. Your children will use these skills in virtually any athletic sport or recreational activity for the rest of their lives, and they will have great fun on an American made trampoline as they grow up healthy and active.

Adults benefit from trampolines as much as children. Coordination, balance and motor control often lost over the years can be recovered with remarkable speed with regular use of a trampoline. Bouncing offers surprising relief from neck and back pains, from headaches, and from other pains resulting from lack of use of the various joints and muscles of the body. Because trampolining is low impact, there is no strain on the joints. Jumping or bouncing up and down on a trampoline strengthens the heart, bone density and all muscle groups, as well as lengthening the muscles to improve flexibility. It reduces the chances of some forms of arthritis and lessen the pain in some arthritic joints by strengthening joints, tendons and ligaments.  One of the best benefits is the detoxifying of the lymphatic system. In turn the immune system is boosted and circulation is increased.  Along with improved balance, it also improves posture.  

Children (and adults) who regularly jump on a trampoline see educational benefits. They have improved self esteem.  A child gains confidence as he masters new skills on the trampoline.  It can help a child learn and teach persistance while learning new skills.    

​Although trampolines develop muscular coordination and strong bodies, families purchase them mainly because they are FUN! You invest more than money in a trampoline. You will inevitably invest some pleasant moments with your family every time the kids call you to watch their latest accomplishments. You will also encourage self confidence in your youngsters. Kids with trampolines in their backyards so often become the athletes who help bring success to their school teams. And maybe you'll show them a few things as you and your spouse enjoy bouncing into better shape as well. Perhaps you have been thinking about buying a jungle gym or swing set for your children. How soon will your children outgrow these toys that pass the time, but do little to teach them athletic principles?  The benefits of a quality trampoline will last you and your family a lifetime.