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Safety Tips
While there are many great benefits to our health and wellness from jumping on a trampoline, there are also many safety precautions that should be taken to enjoy your trampoline without injury.

All sports and recreational equipment carry some risk of injury, but when good safety guidelines are followed fewer injuries occur jumping on a trampoline than with basketball, baseball, football, soccer and simply riding a bicycle.

Let’s look at the causes of many of the injuries. The number one reason I hear is colliding with another person. Number two is a smaller person falling off of the trampoline or landing improperly due to being catapulted by a heavier person. Number three is attempting stunts and flips. Others include jumping or being pushed off the trampoline, landing on the springs or frame, landing on objects either placed on the trampoline or placed too close around the trampoline and hitting objects placed too close above the trampoline.

All of the injuries I just mentioned and others can easily be avoided by following these safety rules. 

           • MOST IMPORTANT RULE – Always supervise your children when jumping!
           • Make sure there is a well constructed safety pad covering the frame and all of the springs.
           • Do not leave a ladder attached with small children unattended.
           • Ensure your trampoline is level so jumper will stay centered in the middle.
           • Only allow ONE person at a time.
           • Do not attempt flips, somersaults, or tricks.
           • Do not jump higher than you can control.
           • Do not jump off of the trampoline onto the ground.
           • Make sure NO people or objects are under the trampoline when jumping.
           ​• Remove objects from your pockets and within 3 feet all around the trampoline.
           • Also ensure there is plenty clearance above the trampoline.
           • Do not use the trampoline under the influence or alcohol or drugs.